First Seek Medical Care

image of man on stretcher being treated by a firefigher and emtAfter an accident, the primary concern of any victim should be their own health and well-being. The failure to seek immediate medical attention could have long-lasting consequences upon one’s health and abilities. It is always a good idea to be checked out by a doctor or other qualified medical professional as soon as possible after you are involved in a vehicular accident. It’s important to overcome the natural tendency to skip going to a doctor or hospital, and avoiding the hassle and expense of seeking medical care. Don’t wait even a few days to evaluate how you feel after an auto accident and before deciding to seek medical attention. The wait-and-see approach is not the best course of action.  It can not only affect your medical well-being, waiting too long for medical help can affect your legal case as well.

Another reason to seek medical care right away: waiting too long to be medically examined after an auto accident could significantly harm your opportunity to receive fair compensation. The validity of your legal claim may suffer from the delay in obtaining medical treatment. The other party can more easily argue there was an intervening cause for the pain or injury, or that the injury is fictitious because it was not bad enough to warrant medical attention for hours, days, or even months after the accident. Most auto insurers will interpret a wait-and-see approach as an indication that the claimant has not truly been injured. Insurers tend to assume that individuals who are seriously hurt after a car accident will obtain the proper medical help immediately.

Sometimes, however, medical service providers are hesitant to provide care without knowing all insurance sources such as auto insurance and health insurance. When this occurs, it is best to speak to an attorney right away in order to seek insurance coverage clarification and to provide the appropriate medical service provider with the required insurance information.

Some automobile accident cases, depending upon the circumstances and the extent of injuries, will require coordination between auto insurance and health insurance companies in order to provide satisfactory payment to a medical service provider or healthcare facility. The best action is to speak with an attorney to seek assistance in coordinating coverage and ensuring correct documentation and payment is received by any and all medical service providers involved.

Here’s the bottom line — if you believe there is any possibility that you’ve been injured as a result of an automobile accident, get prompt medical attention. Ask to be transported to the emergency room, and accept whatever treatment is offered at the scene. It is best to let the emergency room professionals determine the extent and severity of your injuries and the proper course of treatment.

An attorney experienced in automobile accident cases and dealing with insurance companies will be your greatest ally for ensuring that your medical care will be covered while also obtaining justice and fair compensation for your injuries.