Household Insurance Policies in Worcester, MA

Household Insurance Policies in {kds_location]When a motor vehicle accident occurs in the Worcester, MA and Worcester County area, sometimes the responsible party does not have enough household insurance policies in Worcester, MA to compensate an accident victim. When this occurs, there is a need to pursue any and all additional applicable Worcester, MA household insurance policies to make sure there is enough insurance to provide proper compensation. Often, at initial glance, it may appear that there are not enough household insurance policies, but it’s important to dig deeper to uncover other options.

When an apparent lack of coverage becomes a challenge, there must be an exhaustive search for any and all additional applicable Worcester, MA household insurance policies, even ones which you would not think would provide additional insurance coverage. This search must be done through civil discovery. This means that first a complaint for personal injuries must be filed, and an attorney then conducts civil discovery. This requires an attorney to file written questions, called interrogatories; file requests for production of documents, where a responsible party must produce documents; and also take depositions, where a responsible party or their insurance company or insurance agent are questioned with a stenographer present, all in an attempt to identify additional applicable household insurance policies. It’s usually not a good idea to rely upon representations of insurance adjusters regarding available policies. The safest (and most exhaustive) way is to perform an inquiry, under oath, and with the sanctions of the trial court as an available remedy if cooperation is not received.

Generally, in addition to the policy insuring the motor vehicle operated by the responsible party, there may be other Worcester, MA household insurance policies providing additional coverage, often known as scope policies, excess policies, umbrella policies, and/or aggregate policies. These additional household insurance policies may provide additional coverage beyond the policy insuring the motor vehicle involved in the accident. Also, there may be situations in which a responsible operator is driving another person’s motor vehicle and the responsible operator’s own motor vehicle insurance company may provide additional coverage, even though not involved in the accident, or in which the motor vehicle insurance policies of the responsible party’s household members may provide additional coverage through other household insurance policies – again, even though these motor vehicles were not involved in the accident.  As illogical as this sounds, depending upon the circumstances, this exhaustive search may turn up additional insurance coverage besides the coverage from the previously determined household insurance policies.

When an accident takes place and you consult with an attorney, that attorney may ask you questions about car insurance policies insuring cars not involved in the accident and car insurance policies belonging to household members (of responsible parties). If this occurs, you must ask for a complete explanation as to why this is necessary.