Asleep At The Wheel Accidents

Many car accidents involved the other driver being asleep at the wheel. This could be caused by simply being tired, or by intoxicating drugs or alcohol. Falling asleep at the wheel is a preventable situation and being fatigued it is no excuse. Often when this occurs catastrophic injuries result. When driving a motor vehicle you do not expect that the other driver will come into your lane, strike you from behind, or conduct themselves in such a way that you suffer injuries. It is incumbent upon every driver to be attentive and in control of their car. Excuses such as being tired from work are used by someone trying not to accept responsibilities for their action. If you believe that you have been the victim of a driver who was asleep at the wheel, it may be necessary to bring a lawsuit in order to seek compensation for your injuries. Often this will involve issues such as civil discovery concentrating on whether the other driver had consumed intoxicating beverages, intoxicating drugs or whether the other driver was deprived of sufficient sleep before getting behind the wheel. Often this can involve litigation against both the driver and the owner of the motor vehicle, as well as possibly your employer. Depending upon the circumstances, litigation may be brought against the other driver’s employer in order to maximize recovery for the injured person. It may be important not to simply accept the facts as presented by the other driver, and to investigate whether the owner of the other motor vehicle, or the employer of the other driver, is responsible.

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