Defective Traffic Lights Accidents

Defective traffic lights may be the cause of a car accident. Claims by the other driver that the traffic light was defective may simply be an excuse for their actions. When a defective traffic light is a contributing cause of an accident, an injured party may have a claim against the person or entity that controlled the traffic light. This may involve a claim against a private company or a municipality depending upon certain circumstances.

Also, when a defective traffic light is a contracting cause of an accident, how the other driver responds may be an issue in litigation. Just because a traffic light was defective, this does not relieve the other driver of a duty to operate a motor vehicle in a safe and reasonable manner. The simple fact that the traffic light was defective, is not an excuse for certain actions. Just because the other driver claims a defective traffic light defense, and initial police reports seem to support this claim, this does not mean a claim should not be pursued. An attorney representing an accident victim should investigate completely all possible actions of the other driver. Variables such as speed, field of vision, line of vision and traffic patterns should be investigated in order to determine whether the other driver was responsible for personal injuries.

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