Drunk Driving Accidents

Being in a Massachusetts drunk driving accident can result in serious injuries or even death. Melanie’s law enhances the Massachusetts drunk driving laws in that it increases the penalties and sanctions for drivers with multiple convictions of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances. This new law is intended to increase the penalties against a drunk driver. It is important that any attorney representing an injured person be well versed in all criminal drunk driving laws. Understanding Massachusetts’ drunk driving laws is critical in protecting the rights of an injured party.

When a drunk driver is charged, a criminal prosecution is brought against him or her by the local prosecutor. In any criminal trial involving charges against the drunk driver, testimony is given which may be critical to the injured party in collecting compensation. Many times the prosecutor will put on police officers, toxicology experts and witnesses in order to prosecute the drunk driver.

During the course of this criminal trial, an attorney representing an injured party can gather this testimony and use it in order to properly collect compensation for an injured party. Depending upon the circumstances, sometimes evidence of a conviction of drunk driving may also be used to assist an attorney representing an injured party in collecting compensation.
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