Merging Accidents

When a merging motor vehicle enters onto another road, many times accidents occur due to the operator of merging motor vehicle failing to properly enter onto the road at the appropriate speed and by failing to leave enough distance from the other motor vehicle. The law in Massachusetts is quite specific as to the duty of the operator of the merging motor vehicle. Typically these types of accidents occur when the two motor vehicles have side impact. These types of side impact injuries can often result in serious neck injuries, back injuries, whiplash injuries and head injuries. The resulting impact upon occupants of motor vehicles can be violent movement within the confines of the cars. This movement can cause serious orthopedic and neurological damage, often resulting in serious head injuries, neck injuries and back injuries.

When this type of side impact occurs, it may be necessary to have a medical expert and a liability expert provides opinions as to how a body is susceptible to this type of side impact and how this type of impact can have devastating results. An attorney representing a victim of a merging motor vehicle is often required to coordinate the use of these experts for purposes of presenting evidence to an insurance carrier, or to a judge or a jury, of the results of this type of impact.

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