Roadway Debris Accidents

Roadway debris may be involved as a cause of a car accident. Discarded items, whether intentionally left in the road on not, can be a contributing factor to a car accident. If an attorney is able to identify the person that left the debris in the road, an action may be brought against that person for personal injuries. If an attorney is not able to identify the person that left the debris in the road, an action may be brought against the other driver depending upon the circumstances of the accident. Rules of the road in Massachusetts relating to the obligation to identify dangerous situations, such as roadway debris, may be used in order to benefit the accident victim in their claim for compensation. Factors such as lighting, traffic patterns, line of vision of the other driver, and the like, are all variables which may be used for the benefit of maximizing recovery for the accident victim. Sometimes police reports only identify the other driver’s general description of the accident and do not encompass other issues such as how roadway debris may have caused the other driver to act in a certain way. Sometimes it is necessary to commence litigation and to conduct civil discovery for purposes of identifying these issues. If identified, then the other driver’s inability to see the roadway debris may be an issue to be pursued.

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