Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Vehicle rollover accidents, involving SUV rollovers, Jeep rollovers, truck rollover and bus rollovers, are often because of catastrophic injuries. Loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, head injuries, back injuries and scarring can often result from these rollover accidents. When a motor vehicle moved quickly over its own center of gravity and the wheel base can no longer maintain proper positioning, a motor vehicle can go into a rollover. The cause can be speeding, unnecessarily quick steering, inclement weather, defective tires or any other effective auto part, which causes this loss of centering. Many motor vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks, Jeeps and buses have high centers of gravity which make them susceptible to these types of actions.

If you have been the victim of a rollover accident, it may be necessary, before the motor vehicles are destroyed or repaired, to have an expert inspect the motor vehicles. When this occurs, it may be necessary for an attorney representing a rollover accident victim to obtain a court order allowing access to the motor vehicles involved. This can be met with resistance from the responsible driver or their insurance carrier. Since this inspection may be critical, it may leave the attorney representing the role of a victim with no option but to seek an order which provides for proper inspection.

In addition to the actions of the other driver, an attorney may need to pursue the seller, manufacturer or designer of the other vehicle. A product liability claim may be necessary in order to supplement any recovery against the driver or owner of the other vehicle.

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