Air Bag Accidents

When a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident, there may be a need to determine whether there is a claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the airbags, as well as a claim against any other possible responsible party relating to a defective airbag.
Airbags, when properly deployed, can prevent serious personal injury and even death. While automakers have made remarkable progress in improving air bag technology, airbags are simply not perfect. When an accident occurs, there must be an immediate determination as to whether an air bag claim can be brought.

Sometimes, if too much time passes, the evidence of a defective air bag claim may be destroyed with the repair or destruction of the motor vehicle. Sometimes action must be taken within hours of an accident in order to determine whether an airbag claim exists. If an airbag claim does exist, then there may be a need to immediately engage an airbag liability expert for purposes of examining the subject air bag.

If you believe you have a defective airbag claim, an attorney may have to immediately engage an air bag liability expert as well as obtain a court order allowing the injured party access to the motor vehicle. Sometimes actions taken within the first hours following an accident can be critical in seeking compensation for the injured party as a result of a defective airbag claim.

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