Intersection Accidents

Two roads intersecting, whether cars are approaching each other or parallel to each other, can be very dangerous. Situations where other drivers run red lights, ignore traffic signals, change lanes without proper notice can result in catastrophic injuries. Rules of the road in Massachusetts specifically regulate how each driver approaching the intersection or within the intersection must act. Any violation of these rules of the road can result in injury. When representing an individual involved in an intersection accident, it is very important for an attorney to be aware of all specific rules of the road so to use these laws to the benefit of the injured person. In addition to knowledge of the law, it may also be necessary to retain a liability expert to give an expert opinion relating to these rules of the road and all supporting facts.

Considerations such as traffic patterns, traffic control and intersecting roads are important to consider in any intersection accident case. Many times police report do not always present each relevant factor needed to support an accident victim’s claim. Many times an expert opinion, which supplements other witnesses, it is necessary to bolster the accident victim’s chances for coverage. Often it is necessary to have all motor vehicles inspected in order to properly assist the liability expert in providing his or her opinion.

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