Sideswipe Accidents

If you or a family member has been injured as a result of a sideswipe accident in Massachusetts, then it is important to consider the following. Sideswipe accidents often occur when motor vehicles are traveling next to each other in a parallel fashion or in any perpendicular fashion. This happened when the other driver comes to close to the side of the victim’s car. Whether operating a car or whether an occupant of a car that is sideswiped, this can cause serious injuries such as back injuries, neck injuries or head injuries. It is the impact to the car that causes an occupant to come in contact with the confines of the car, which, can cause very serious neurological or orthopedic injuries. It is this physical sensation that can cause these injuries.

If you have been the victim of a sideswipe accident, then it is critical to have an attorney who is prepared to present all facts possible in order to maximize recovery, and to show an insurance carrier or a judge or jury how the sideswipe impact caused the neurological or orthopedic injury. This type of impact often results in extensive litigation, including participating in the discovery process, so to establish those facts which serve as the basis for compensation. It may be necessary, in order to competition, to bring a lawsuit in order to establish all possible fact that support a sideswipe accident claim.

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