Texting Accidents

With the use of cell phones being so common in our society, motor vehicle accidents often occur due to texting while driving. It is not uncommon for a distracted driver, due to texting and driving, to cause catastrophic injuries to innocent people. After an accident, drivers who were texting or using a cell phone do not admit to doing so. Often it is important to pursue the cell phone records of a driver in order to determine whether they were using a cell phone or texting at the time of an accident. When a lawyer decides to take a personal injury claim, it is often the case that cell phone records are obtained in order to address cell phone use or texting. The emergency service workers and police officers who arrive on the scene often arrive at a point in time in which the cell phone has been put away. Without a specific inquiry by the emergency service workers or the police, the responsible party often does not freely admit use of their cell phone or admit to texting while driving. Often this form of distracted driving can be overlooked without an attorney who specifically seeks to determine this issue during the pendency of the claim. This type of distracted driving, and any evidence of cell phone use or texting, is often a variable which can bring a substantial jury award or a substantial settlement for the benefit of the injured party. An attorney who represents an individual in any motor vehicle accident cannot overlook cell phone use or texting as evidence of distracted driving.

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